Our Sources

Our Sources

The food available to members would be considered ‘gourmet’ by some, but to members the food is ‘normal’. Our main focus is to foster relationships and support local and regional producers who adhere to our standards-high quality organic, naturally raised, animal welfare certified, conscious, non-gmo, pastured, fairly traded, and humanely raised, nutrient dense food. For items not available through our local and regional producers we will seek out, preferably, small, family owned farm sources within the United States. Some food items will be acquired Internationally due to the fact that some food items simply don’t grow in our country or the quality may be more appealing. Transparency with all of our providers is key to a positive relationship and we do our best to ask all the right questions. Our club currently supports over 50 sources, half being local. We purchase from small farms, orchards, groves and small businesses. Each month,  all you have to do is place your order and pick it up on distribution day; we take care of the rest!

Local Craft

The team behind Authentic Provisions has a passion for local folks! Homemade local soaps, locally foraged medicinal tinctures and herbal combinations, fleece items, everyday essentials, art, tools, home goods, and the list goes on! When it comes to purchasing for you or someone else, lets train ourselves to think LOCAL first!

Local Music

Music celebrates, heals, consoles and brings happiness! We will work with local musicians to insure we all benefit from everything music gives. We will offer recordings produced by local musicians and work together to support local functions and create a few ourselves!