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Reconnecting our community to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food sources.

“I am so glad my higher power led me to know Edith and Tom Huber. Their passion for whole, natural, GMO free, pesticide free, natural food has made a huge difference in quality of life for this senior citizen. I eat less, have lost weight, improved my general health. and have great friends in Authentic Provisions. Wow, a chance to revisit the experience and goodness that was a part of my grandfathers dairy farm. Thanks Again Authentic Provisions your flat out awesome!” -Doby

“I joined Authentic Provisions food club about a year ago not really knowing what a buying club was all about. The system was easy to learn and the support received from the club has been so amazing as well as educational and informative.

(I overwintered 50# of wonderful organic potatoes in my garage to enjoy all winter long!) The food sources are great and my family is eating better that we ever did. Educating people on real food, where and how our food is grown and how it is processed and distributed is an overwhelming and time consuming part of keeping our families healthy.

I want to thank Edith and Tom and their family for opening their home to this food club. Thank you for all the work you do and for educating and helping the community to live a better life and for your resilience in caring about all of our food that is grown and distributed to the club families.” -Karen

“Once you taste real food, everything else seems sad in comparison.” -Jeanette