Ethically sourced food and goods, Southeast Michigan

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Edith Stacey-Huber, founder

Who We Are

Our Mission

Even though food is a necessity in our daily lives, food has become processed, quick and not as meaningful. As we gather together for daily meals, special family gatherings, and potlucks, the quality of food, the focus on gathering and preparing our food, and our connection to each other and our farming community has been diminished. We don’t know the story of our food or the story behind most of what we own. Furthermore, in today’s society, food is viewed as a commodity and ingested to satisfy hunger. Authentic Provisions views food as a life source, an art, and a vital part of our community. It is the intention of Authentic Provisions to re-connect our community to what sustains us, brings us health, and centers us back to each other and our community farmers, producers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

Authentic Provisions Buying Club is made up of folks like you. Folks who are no longer satisfied with the commercial food system, the limited products offered in traditional grocery stores, animal cruelty found in concentrated animal feeding operations, otherwise referred to as CAFOs,  extensive pesticide and herbicide use, synthetic fertilizers, GMO crops, workers and farmers who aren’t paid fairly, lack of quality and taste, recalls, illness,  and the list goes on.  The families that make up the buying club have synergy-a collective buying power that rewards members with pricing that wouldn’t necessarily be achieved by an individual,  and access to quality products not found in  traditional stores.  Members work together to purchase food, and celebrate real food together.